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We offer residential domestic legionella risk assessments to letting agents and property management companies of private rental properties in the UK.  We are fully insured with Indemnity Insurance, Public Liability etc. We have up to date Health & Safety, Environmental Policies and Management Controls. We pride ourselves with providing our valued clients with the very best in customer service, value for money and a legionella risk assessment second to none.

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Do you know what Your Legal Duties as a Letting Agent or Management Company are?

Where a landlord is using a property management company or perhaps a letting agent is used to manage the contract, it is advisable to clearly state who is responsible for both the maintenance and health and safety checks/record, including the prevention of legionella.

Have you read the latest from the HSEgov on Legionnaires? L8 Approved Code of Practice for legionella risk assessment compliance is part of any tenancy as is the Energy Performance Certificate by an approved contractor, and it should be noted that all landlords who provide residential accommodation have a legal duty under the regulatory requirement and legal duty to ensure that the risk of legionella is properly assessed and controlled by a competent person.


How often should the legionella risk assessment be carried out?

After an initial legionella risk assessment is carried out – (So if an assessment is carried out in January 2017)

The legionella risk assessment should be carried out if a domestic/residential property is vacant for 4 weeks or more (This should be before the new tenant or owner moves in) So in this example, if the property is vacant until February (8 weeks) then a single re test is sufficient if the tenant/owner occupies at 8 weeks –

If the property is occupied – The professional legionella risk assessment should be carried out at a minimum – on an annual basis (January 2018 in this example) This is providing the original risk is reported as low.

The legionella risk assessment should be carried out after any building or plumbing works which included working on either cold or hot water pipes, tanks, kitchen, bathroom etc. (This includes external garden taps which are also tested)

Crystal H2o provide only guidelines on what we understand to be the minimum – and home owners & landlords must decide on what schedule best suits their own legal responsibility.

There are landlords who insist on LRA every 6 months even when occupied. In a court of law under prosecution from the local authority or in response to a penalty from the HSE Inspector, we must be able to prove that adequate care has been taken in order to continuously assess the legionella threat and minimise the risk to tenants. Even when an assessment results are a low risk, should the property be assessed more frequently than once a year? This is for the landlord to decide.

It is no wonder that not only tenanted properties but also home owners are now instructing Crystal H2o to carry out legionella risk assessments.

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