Crystal H2o Lower Emissions Vehicles for London UK

We all have a knowledge of the increasing pollution levels in London and we have all seen how other cities have desperately attempted to reduce the levels, be it once their pollution levels have already become unbearable.    This has resulted in businesses pulling out due to client relocations with funds diverted elsewhere and the very best individuals no longer attracted to the big smoke.    Yes it’s official, our Health & our Environment both present and future, are finally taking up time in the board rooms across our planet. Never mind the big players, if we want real local improvements then we need to start with our own businesses, no matter how small.

What changes can I make in my business?

  1. Ask your suppliers & contractors if they can deliver services with lower emissions vehicles.
  2. Dramatically reduce your waste. Water to paper, have a ‘Really think before you print’ approach throughout the firm. Look into recycling and separating waste. Ask your waste company. Look for a waste company that is ISO registered. Make changes where you need them.
  3. Create your own Environmental policy. Decide amongst yourselves what you want to achieve over the next 12 months.
  4. Look at your own company vehicles. Reduce mileage and supply staff with lower emissions vehicles where possible.
  5. Inform all of your staff, contractors and clients. Keep on informing, reminding and monitoring. Include the policy in inductions and appoint a responsible person.


Crystal H2o are committed to making environmental improvements not only in the office but also out on the road.  Our role is to help create healthier environments within your property by carrying out legionella risk and water hygiene assessments. Our London team will prioritise using lower emissions vehicles wherever possible with a 2017 goal of ensuring all UK vehicles are low emissions.

The Crystal H2o commitment is to our environment, our clients environment and part of a healthier future for all.

Can you do more to make a change?

What are you doing already?

What are your 2017 environmental goals?


Crystal H2o

Legionella Risk & Water Hygiene Assessments

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