How safe is the water in your home?

Many of us share a concern when it comes to drinking tap water from our home. The media has changed their influence from – it’s bad -to it’s better than plastic bottles .

This has resulted in some confusion still.  At Crystal H2o, we specialise in reducing the risks of legionella developing to a dangerous level within the home. We consider our homes to be safe, safe for the young and safe for the old. Putting drinking water to the side, the legionella bacteria is causing concern in both business premises and residential properties throughout the UK.  So, we ask – Is Your Home at Risk?

”Surely I’m not at risk, it’s my home”

At Crystal H2o, we often hear this comment. It’s understandable to assume that legionnaires is only in air conditioning, after all – we haven’t really been informed on the dangers at home. Well, at least not on a regular basis. There have been some large cases featured on the news however, if we delve a little deeper, the history and information is clear. There are many cases throughout the UK. Legionnaires is common in all water systems at home. The disease is reportable. This means that your GP must report their findings to the local authority who in turn carry out an investigation reporting to the HSE inspector. Symptoms are as simple as that cough that won’t go away, the cold, headache, feeling nauseous and in our older generations – unfortunately, the disease can be fatal.

A Crystal H2o legionella risk assessment includes checking all tap water temperatures, showers/baths, checking for dead pipes, water tank inspection, bathroom hygiene levels, outside taps, boiler temperature assessment and flush through where possible.                 The HSEgov insist that all residential landlords carry out regular legionella risk assessments. Insurance companies include this in conditions. We are receiving instruction from home owners and those moving home.

Wouldn’t you rather know your home was safe. Why do the government insist all residential landlords carry out regular assessments?

Instructing a Crystal H2o legionella risk assessment will help ensure your home is safe.

A 1 bedroom property costs only £39.50 + VAT

Contact Crystal H2o, speak with their friendly UK call centre.

Help raise awareness and ensure your home is safe.













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