Is Your Business 1 of the few

Is Your Business 1 of the few who are still non committed to Environmental Impact?

Is Your Organisation Prepared for Future Facilities Compliance & Monitoring?

With an ever changing World and a completely different awareness than years ago, Businesses today will struggle to find excuses for not being socially aware of the impact their work has on staff, their local workplace environment, the City in which we work and indeed many miles beyond.

Research shows that many Businesses of all sizes are still not committing to an Environmental Policy. What’s to fear?

Often, the lack of Information is to blame or the Directors will view any mention of Environment as a costly expense to their organisation – one which we cannot afford.

The reality is, that with some very small changes in the way an office and business facilities are managed, Yes the Environmental Impact is Reduced, but also – in Many cases the overall running costs are also Reduced.

Have You Seen Your Business Environmental Policy?

Is it Available to All?

Have You Read it?

Do You Understand it?


As Compliance & Regulatory Requirements are Increased on all of us, a good piece of advise would be to have your house in order. Including Your Business Environmental Policy. Ensure staff are aware. Ensure staff understand. Monitor Results.


By working with Green Street Facilities, a best practice consultancy, Your Environmental Policy will be composed, Implemented and Monitored with regular updates.

Be Part of A Brighter Future

Make Your Commitment Today