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Crystal H2O Risk Assessments   

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Please find details below relating to our residential/domestic LRA which is part of the landlord’s regulatory requirements under the Health & Safety at work act.  See



Crystal H2O Risk Assessments   

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A Crystal H2O (LRA) Legionella Risk Assessment Document includes photographic evidence, guidance notes, and specific requirements on legislation, water temperature readings from all cold & hot water outlets, H2O hygiene levels inspected for potential bacteria growth areas, water tank inspection and guidance where necessary.

The assessment is logged and a copy sent to our client. Crystal H2O are governed by a strict compliance and keep assessments for 5 years.

Why do all domestic residential landlords need to carry out an LRA?

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive has long detailed and highlighted the regulatory requirement that all domestic landlords ensure a risk assessment be carried out by a competent person and that those managing properties have a duty to notify landlords of this legislation.

This is a non-sampling/testing service. This is a risk assessment for legionnaires within the properties water systems and guidance on how to prevent this bacteria from developing.

The requirement is every 24 months, however it is in the landlords interest to follow best practise and guidance and minimise risk; to ensure this is carried out with every new tenancy, should that fall below the 24 month period.   

Who is working with us, instructing a Crystal H2O LRA and why the urgency?

Crystal H2O provide services to sales/lettings estate agents, property management and facilities companies. The interest continues through to local authorities, private landlords, shop and office buildings where an LRA is part of their health & safety policy.

There is an urgency from some managing companies as well as private landlords as many are yet to have completed an LRA. The legionella bacteria initially causes chest coughs and headaches and some tenants are finding ways to make claims against the landlord for noncompliance and for the potential cause of illness even where the disease has not developed further.

Show me an example of how companies work with Crystal H2O

An example of a management company working with Crystal H2O on LRA’s. The company has sent a letter/email to all landlords/clients informing them of the LRA requirement and that the company has a responsibility to ensure the client is aware (rather like a gas safety certificate). The letter/email states a date in which the client must confirm in writing, that they do not wish the LRA to be carried out and that no responsibility is to be held against the management company.

The company then create job sheets detailing Client, Tenant, address, contact details, confirmed request for a Crystal H20 LRA to be carried out and instruction on whether keys/access codes are to be collected or if Crystal H2O are to contact the occupier and arrange access.

Crystal H2O send the completed assessment and guidance notes which should be filed for future reference or acted on according to the report’s findings.

Our costs are so competitive that  we receive requests from other LRA firms.

So why work with Crystal H2O and who will be your main contact?

At Crystal H2O, we are industry professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Your assessment will be carried out by a smart, well-mannered assessor.

Your assessor will have undergone many weeks of training, passed exams and come fully equipped to ensure your risk assessment can be carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

Your assessor will be experienced and know exactly what to look out for and test.

Crystal H2O also provide clients with Health and Safety policies, Environmental policies, Management controls, best practice guidance and help obtaining ISO accreditation.


We are dedicated to our clients, ensuring we provide you with a first class service. We want you to be happy working with us for many years to come and are grateful for this opportunity to be working with you and your company.


A simple note on What is Legionnaires’ disease?

Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia caused by any type of Legionella bacteria and can be fatal.

Signs and symptoms

These include cough, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle pains, and headaches. Nausea, vomiting, and upset stomachs may also occur. An example of UK Legionella.

175 people in Stafford, England, were admitted to the District of Kingsmead Stafford Hospitals with chest infection and pneumonia. A total of 28 people died.

It’s shocking to read the Government results for 2016. Please see

Legionnaires’ disease is a notifiable disease                                                                   

This means that if a doctor diagnoses the condition, they must tell the local authority and Health & Safety Executive for further investigation.


Crystal H2O Risk Assessments   

Contact our friendly team 0333 566 00 80 or email us


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