Great Business Comes From Great People



In order for a business to achieve full potential, a daily conscious challenge for senior management through to line managers, Must be – that everyone within the firm is motivated, whatever their role within the organisation.

Easier said than done? With dinosaurs extinct, perhaps for your own sake, put your old methods in the bin. Today is a new day and everyone wants to feel good.

This motivation needs to come from highly motivated individuals who show nothing else but a positive and constructive attitude.

After all, as management, our aim is to have fully motivated people – performing to their maximum ability.

Everyone has different aspirations and ambitions. We are set out by our different opinions, attitudes and beliefs – Yet we all can achieve at a greater level within a role, when receiving positive encouragement, subtle gratefulness, direction, trust and to feel we have a relationship with both management and the business.

It’s natural that everyone wants to enjoy a good working relationship. Staff will react well only to a style of management and leadership that expresses confidence – making them feel part of a successful organisation. They need consistency and attention to feel part of the bigger picture – that they are part of.

Management who carry a style of ignoring staff, constant aggression, with bullish mentalities and who forget to show humanity and manners are today considered left behind and indeed labelled the ‘de-motivators’ or better known as dead dinosaurs. Records show a history of failed businesses due to management with such like personalities.

People want to feel that their individual contribution is valued, not only in their bonus and salary but by way of a simple moment, a conversation with senior management offering an interest and praise will carry its weight in gold.

You could argue that we are all adult and everyone needs to toughen up, ‘we are coming through stressful times’. That being said, consider a child who develops within a positive secure environment, learning right from wrong with both encouragement and correct discipline, praise and direction. When the child needs discipline, it is proven that the child reacts best and learns quicker than the child who only receives an environment with de-motivating methods. These are not just a child’s reactions, these are human traits that stay with us all as adults. Remember, everyone has their own individual concerns both in the office and away within their personal lives.

If a business is to achieve greatness and make it through the good and bad, it can only be executed with great people, great management through to great sales and support staff who will in turn – maintain great clients creating great revenues.

It has to start at the top, with management.

Encourage your staff to make business plans for their week ahead. To take active notes on their day’s events. Encourage them to look back and learn, to ask themselves how they can achieve more in similar future scenarios. Teach them by example, to encourage others, to trust, to ask questions and also listen, to be motivated.

Surely there is no argument, these are the standard for a successful business with successful people. Staff who go over and beyond because they value the business not just the pay package.

Alessandro McMillan



Alessandro McMillan

Crystal H2o Founder Green Street Facilities A Best Practise Guidance & Consultancy Company Crystal H2o Risk Assessments



Crystal H2o provide a low cost solution to the LRA legal requirement that each residential landlord must comply to (As set out by the HSEgov regulatory requirement) We work with Private landlords, Wealth Management, Lettings Agents, Property Management Companies, Estate Agents, Local Authorities, Facilities Providers & Health & Safety experts. Get in touch today and request further information including a Crystal H2o price list. Costs are from only £39.50 + VAT. Book a Crystal H2o Legionella Risk Assessment by email or Call our friendly staff on 03335660080 for further information. PLEASE NOTE: Residential Landlords do not require water sampling (the expensive service) Residential Landlords only need an LRA,
Green Street is a company that provides best practise guidance to companies in need of facilities improvements. Green Street incorporate the environmental impact, so your company become more environmentally responsible, which you’ll agree, we all need. Green street also provide consultancy on Management Controls, taking businesses to the next level.



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