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Ask Yourself:   If you were presented with 2 identical bathrooms to use, but only 1 had been assessed and past by Crystal H2o, – Which would you use?  With Crystal H2o, we can help create and maintain a healthier home and workplace. Your bathrooms, kitchen and anywhere you have a water source. Safer environments equal healthier lives.


”We were delighted with the service we received. The legionella risk assessments were easy to book and the reports were received very quickly. We have since requested Crystal H2o LRA’s on our entire portfolio. Happy to recommend.” Private landlord, London.

”No issues with recommending a Crystal H2o Legionella Risk Assessment.  Perfect solution for us as letting agents. Feedback from our Landlords was excellent especially the cost.” Simons, Director





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We are receiving requests for Crystal H2o Legionella risk assessment service from home buyers and home owners.        It’s understandable that residents have a concern for themselves and their families.  If the government Health & Safety Executive require all residential landlord’s to carry out regular legionella risk assessments on all tenanted properties, it is only expected that insurance companies and mortgage lenders will include this as a regulatory requirement. Some insurance companies already are including this in their terms and conditions.

Ultimately, we all want to live in a healthier and safer environment, so it makes sense to assess the risks to our health within our homes.